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Piano Fondue Digital Setlist Instructions

Piano Fondue Dueling Pianos is a high-energy, interactive experience where you, the audience, choose what songs we're all going to party to, and two energetic, talented, and incredibly handsome entertainers will get you and your friends singing, clapping, dancing, and laughing along all night long!


To make it easy on you, we have developed our amazing Digital Setlist! This is a website that allows YOU to create and re-order the show’s set list in real-time right on your phone. This is NOT an app that you have to download. Your phone’s built-in browser is all you need.


You can see every song that is coming up, and throughout the show you can SEARCH for new songs to add or TAP on current songs to BOOST them up the queue!


Have a song that's been in your head all week? Add it to the show and finally let it play out! Don't like a song that's coming up? Bury it beneath your favorite tune! Or simply find another song in the queue and help your fellow audience members by boosting it to get played next!


In fact, the setlist for Saturday's show is live right now and ready for your songs!


Details and the link to get started can be found at


A quick primer on how to use the site can be found on YouTube


A collection of Frequently Asked Questions about the Digital Setlist can be found here

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